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Railway lifting systems

The railway lifting system hoists complete trains, thus giving possibility to change units placed beneath the bogie or the body and to maintenance.

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The railway lifting system consists of lifting jacks which hoist the vehicle at the lifting points placed at its four corners. It is able to hoist complete trains. Depending on the train length it consists of 4 – 8 – 12... 32 lifting jacks and a central control unit.
The electric system of the railway lifting system consists of the central control stand and the lifting jacks which are of the same structure regarding the electric aspect. These are connected by quick connectors.

Operating modes of the equipment:

- individual operation: moving the load free arms, adjusting the arms before lifting or moving them to basic position after lifting.
- collective lifting: simultaneous lifting/lowering of the train by the arms placed at the lifting points. During collective lift mode the control computer of the equipment checks the set synchrony aberration and interferes if it is exceeded.
- service mode: provides possibility of error correction or lowering the train safely in case of extraordinary incidents (exceeding of synchrony aberration, overload of jacks, other error message).
The iron frame of the lifting jacks is robust – support structure able to take eccentric load; the bearing of the lifting spindle and the lifting drive are placed on top of it. The lifting spindle with trapeze thread placed in the iron structure does the lifting. The spindles are protected against contamination by rubber harmonicas. For safe lifting a double lifting nut made of bronze alloy with good sliding qualities works on the spindle. The jacks can travel on fix- rail- or its own hydraulic carriages.
Dimension range of railway lifting systems:

Capacity per jack 6-25 t
Number of lifting jacks 4-32 pcs
Positioning indoor
Feeding voltage 400V / 50Hz
Lower arm position 250-350 mm
Upper arm position 1800-2500 mm
Lifting synchrony 3-20 mm (adjustable)

Safety equipment of the railway lifting system:

- emergency-stop button on every jack and on central control
- operational end position limit
- emergency-end position sensor
- synchrony control and limit
- overload protection
- lifting nut wearing sensor
- obstacle sensor

Railway lifting systems’ options:

- flexible undercarriage on guiding rails for travelling
- hydraulic lifting-undercarriage for travelling on concrete pavement
- drive system with frequency inverter
- central control with touch screen
- load and height display on every jack
- pendant switch
- automatic lubrication