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Dolly Family for Moving Loads with Extra Dimensions

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GD Ltd. has developed a new product family that fills a gap existing in a wide part of economy and is currently introducing it to the market. The first member of this new dolly family consists of a pair of cars able to transport loads of any length. The special feature of these cars is that their carriages are able to turn on the spot, thus during transport it is not necessary to drive around a bend but the load can be moved along straight lines for changing direction.

Loads with big lengths are transported by the two cars together. For free turning of the cars there is a turn table on top of them on which the load is placed.For easy handling the two cars communicate per radio during operation so the operator controls only one car. The two cars follow each other on the track.

In case the direction shall be altered at a certain point of the track the cars can be turned on the spot up to 90° beneath the load thus permitting the change in direction on the spot. The load capacity of the cars is 10 t each. Therefore the two cars together are able to move a load of max. 20 t. Their electro-mechanic drive system is supplied by built in batteries. The batteries are designed for lasting a whole day's intensive work. They do not need recharging during shift.

The cars have a built in recharging unit. At the end of the shift they can be joint up to the grid. Then they will be automatically recharged. The voltage of the batteries will be displayed. For moving loads with small lengths the two cars can be operated independently. They have a load capacity of 10 t each.

In this case an adapter is placed on top of the car bypassing the turntable. For moving a load not rigid enough because of its length (e.g. pipes, profile strands, etc.) this problem can be solved by using a linking adapter. All the adapters mentioned are accessories of the dolly; therefore the operator is able to move loads of any length within the load capacity.